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Abstract Background

Love is the mixed beauty of love, passion and a bit wildness       

About the Artist 

Josh Chang is a contemporary artist known for his abstract landscape and figurative paintings that blend traditional calligraphy with modern abstraction. Born in Taiwan, he came to the United States to follow his passion in fine art. He has been a full-time artist based in Chicago since then, with twenty years of calligraphy experience under his belt. Josh seeks subjects that excite him, incorporating them into his works. Influenced by ‘Impressionism,’ ‘Expressionism,’ and ‘Mother Nature,’ his style is loose yet expressive and colorful. His main medium is oil paint. Having received his art education from Chicago Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art, he also completed his MA in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University. Being bold and fierce at painting, Josh hopes his art creations will elicit emotions among viewers and bring exuberance to the audience’s mind. 


Intuitive Expressive Exquisite

My work is a result of the years I have spent exploring varied materials, media, and subjects. I am inspired mostly by nature in its rawest form, ranging from cityscape, seascape to human forms. Opting to let my ideas, brush strokes, and paintwork flow intuitively, I enjoy creating movements to enhance the texture of each subject in such a way that they are exciting and inspiring to the viewers. Sometimes, I make art based on what speaks to me at present with references from real life, photographs, and imaginations. It is one of the best ways to make something unexpected, organic, and fearless.

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